UPDATED December 11, 2021 This piece has been updated to reflect the emergence of new technology

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Christian Mathews Security Writer

Worried about their babies’ welfare, almost every new parent has found themselves asking the question: Is my little one breathing? It’s common to feel anxious, but you also know that you can’t sustain watching your baby round-the-clock. To find that peace of mind, then you need another pair of eyes and ears to watch over your sleeping infant. To keep an eye on your baby, like other parents, know that the smartest option is getting a baby monitor with a screen and wifi.

Given the large range of options, how do you make sure you handpick the right baby monitor for you?

We will give you an analysis of the best baby monitor with a screen and Wi-Fi to help you make an informed decision, as it also forms part of the larger idea of how to baby-proof house. You’ll also learn the following:

  • Where to mount your baby monitor
  • Features of a smart baby monitor
  • Things to consider when buying a baby monitor

Some baby monitors may work very similar to two-way cameras for your pets, but we’ll get into the details below.

1Main Types of Baby Monitors

Audio baby monitors

Audio baby monitors are the earliest types of monitors to exist. They are also the least expensive options. This is because they only allow caregivers to just listen to their babies without any visual aid.

The monitors use radio waves that transmit sounds from the baby’s crib to the receiver unit. Most of them have an indoor range of about 150 feet. Audio monitors are built with low-battery indicators, but most of them don’t have temperature or heart monitoring sensors.

With the features available on these baby monitors, you can hear even the slightest movement that your baby makes while in his crib.

Video baby monitor

This is a baby monitor that records video. It is also known as a baby cam. Baby cams have both video and audio-recording functionality that lets parents watch and hear their babies from afar in real-time. 

Most video monitors come with a built-in webcam, speaker, and microphone that supports a two-way audio function. This enables parents to see and talk to their little ones even when they are in a different room.

Video baby monitors are primarily preferred by most parents because of their camera capabilities. The best baby video monitors have high-resolution monitor screens where you can see and monitor your baby’s movements. 

If you have a smartphone, you can also check on your child directly through a mobile app. Other useful features found in video baby monitors include digital zoom, night vision, and high storage capacity.

Wi-Fi baby monitors

A baby monitor with a screen and WiFi is probably the most secure monitor you can have. These digital monitors are connected to a wireless connection that is far more secure than those that use radio waves. 

They use a Wi-Fi connection to stream a video from the nursery to a rechargeable parent unit like a phone, tablet, or computer. The majority of Wi-Fi baby monitors allow you to see real-time footage of what your child is doing. This is very useful when you are not at home.

Additionally, you can also store a recorded video on your mobile or in the cloud and review it whenever you want.

2Installation Tips: Where to Mount Baby Monitor

When looking to install your baby monitor, you should find a suitable location in your nursery. The camera should be at least 6 feet away from the bassinet and in a position where you can have a clear view of the nursery.

Additionally, ensure that the speaker and microphone in the baby’s crib are close enough to the baby to audibly capture any sounds from your baby.

With that in mind, the best places where you can put your crib monitor are: 

  • Wall mount – you can mount your baby monitor at the corner of the room near the ceiling. This gives the camera a wider viewing angle of the whole room.
  • Place it on top of a shelf.

3Using Baby Monitor Safely

As you set up your nursery, you want to create a safe, secure sleeping environment for your baby.

Every new baby monitor comes with the manufacturer’s instructions to guide you on how to safely use the equipment. As such, it’s always advisable to read and follow the instructions on your device.

Consequently, as you choose the ideal place where to position your baby monitor, consider the following two elements:

There is an alarming rate of infant deaths caused by strangulation from baby monitor power cords. That is why it’s important to adhere to safety guidelines (PDF) recommended by CPSC.

Always keep the power cords 3 feet away from your baby’s reach to avoid any potential strangulation hazard. If there is a way to avoid using cords, the better.

4What to Look for in a Baby Monitor With Screen and WiFi

Smart sensors

A smart baby monitor with a screen and Wi-Fi supports smart sensors to help you detect even the slightest temperature change in your baby’s crib. In addition, the best baby monitors include sound and motion sensors. This instantly notifies you when the baby cries or when the baby is awake.


The primary reason why you want to have a baby monitoring system is so that you can have extra pairs of eyes and ears watching over your baby. The more eyes and ears, the better. When buying a baby monitor look for a smart crib monitor that can allow you to link more than one camera. 

Also, you should get a monitor with several monitor displays for quad- or split-screen viewing.

Zoom capability

While baby cams allow you to view your baby even when you are in another room, the best baby monitors should have zoom functionality. Digital zooming gives you a clear and up-close view of your baby’s crib or nursery.

Night vision

To most parents, being able to watch their babies even at night is extremely important. It gives them tranquility as they sleep knowing they can have a clear view of their babies anytime at night. 

When choosing a sleep monitor, look for a monitor with a night vision camera. It can automatically detect and respond to changes in the light as darkness sets in. 

5Other Factors to Consider When Buying a Baby Monitor

  • Battery life – unlike audio-only baby monitors, a baby monitor with a screen and Wi-Fi usually has a higher power consumption rate. As such you should always go for a baby monitor with long-lasting battery life.
  • Camera quality – when looking for a baby monitor, you want a monitor with top camera features for high-quality pictures and videos. For clear video footage, you should aim for a 1080p HD video resolution.
  • Range – it’s always advisable to get a monitor with a range that matches the square footage of your house. However, a baby monitor with the best range has a high indoor range to ensure that you can view your baby’s activities while in any corner of your house.

6Final Thoughts

Being able to monitor your baby while staring at the TV, doing your laundry, or even when out of the house, is pretty much every parent’s joy. You worry less and you can solely focus on your day’s activities. 

With that in mind, always remember to put your baby’s needs first and keep your lifestyle activities in mind as opt to buy a baby monitor. Do you live in a big apartment? Are you often out of the house? Consider all these options to make your parenting easier.