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Christian Mathews Security Writer

Arlo, LogiCircle, KAFO Smart, atomi smart, home Smart Home, iView iHome… and the list keeps growing. When looking for cameras that work with Google Home, you’ll always be spoilt for choice. And it’s with good reason. As it stands, Google is the only major competitor to Amazon in the Smart Home niche. And with the proliferation of android supported devices, the odds keep stacking in favor of Google. We’ll be looking at what cameras work with Google Home and much more.

According to Safeatlast.co, by February 2018, an average of 22% of Americans between the age of 30-44 owned/owns a Google Home compatible device. And if that’s not impressive, a record 10,000+ devices, more than 1000+ brands are compatible with Google Home.

1Benefit of cameras that work with Google Home

As with most Google Home compatible devices, the benefits are always endless. So here’s a few of the perks you can expect with cameras that work with Google Home.


With just a simple command, like “Hey Google, what’s on the front door”, you can easily access real time video footage of your front door.

While this may be something good for non-techies who find the whole process of accessing footage from their computer/display difficult, it’s appealing to almost everyone.

With traditional security cameras, you’d have to get the footage from a single fixed display. With Google Home compatible cameras, you can access your video footage from well, anywhere in any of your devices.

Smarter home

For people who have most of their appliance integrated to their Smart Home, this addition makes the whole Smart Home experience even better.

Say you are not sure that you locked your door, or switched the lights off. With Google Home compatible cameras, you can easily confirm this on real time video footage of your house, and if necessary, proceed to lock the door, or switch off the lights.

Future proof

With the rapid technological advancement, it’s always best to stay ahead of the curve. Knowing what cameras work with Google Home / Google Assistant, it’s safe to say you’ll be among those leading the curve. Not only is Google always innovating and coming up with new technology, but they are the best in the business when it comes to it.

Google Assistant is bilingual. No really, turns out, Google Assistant can understand queries made in two languages, thanks to the LangID technology made by Google. And if that’s not enough to convince you, Google Assistant understands 100% of commands and queries, and correctly answers 87.9% of these queries. You can confirm this here.

More reliability

Need to view your camera’s footage on another device? No problem, just sign to your Google Home account. And by this, you can use an IOS device, android or Windows.

As an industry leader, Google has the best offerings, among these, reliability in services. You can expect little to no downtime when using Google compatible security cameras, with the little issues arising from the camera manufacturer’s side.

2Google Home camera integration

Once you know how do you set up Google Home, linking your camera to Google Home, following a series of simple steps should be easy to achieve. But first here’s the list of accessories you can use:

Chromecast, Google Home speaker/ display, any TV that has Chromecast built into it. You can also use any other TV with the help of Google Nest.

To link your security camera to Google Home:

1. First, install your security camera. You can do this by yourself, but the best option is to go for professional installation. The reason for this is to ensure the camera can capture the best viewing angles, and also in a way be able to withstand weather extremes.

2. Once you’ve installed your security cameras, open the Google Home app and create your account. You can also switch to the appropriate account you use, if you’ve already created a Google Home account.

3. Connect the security camera to the same Wi-Fi network as your display, or your other Google Home devices.

4. Next, on the Google Home app, proceed to setup your device (in this case your security camera). Click on the “device” and pair it. Once it’s complete click on “done”.

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3Consider encryption type

While a camera connected to your smart home might be a fancy, and even convenient addition to your home, it can also turn to be a liability/ double edged sword, if it isn’t sufficiently secured.

You might be like, “nothing is really secure nowadays”. Well, try to make it harder for any would be attackers/hackers to break into your smart home.

And while there’s always the mention of the minimum WPA2-AES, SSL encryption for the camera’s website and Transport Layer Security (TLS), it’s your password that will either make or break your security.

In all cases, use a complex password, one that has a series of letters, numbers and special characters. It also goes without saying, avoid using names (yours, your kids), birthdays etc. Generally, anything that can be found in the public domain.

4Brands of cameras compatible with Google Home

The list of what cameras work with Google Home is quite long. While these are the best brands compatible with Google Home, the list is not exhaustive.

  • Arlo
  • atomi smart
  • Geeni
  • homee Smart Home
  • mydlink Smart
  • ioe smart
  • iView iHome
  • KAFO Smart
  • Blink Mini
  • Logi Circle
  • Momentum Smart Home
  • Nest
  • Netatmo
  • Panasonic HomeHawk
  • Q-See Plus
  • Smart K
  • SpotCam
  • Swann Smart Security Camera
  • TP-Link Kasa
  • Tuya Smart, Smart Life
  • Wyze Cam


That sums it up for what cameras work with Google Home.

To recap, this is what we’ve discussed: The benefits of cameras that are compatible with Google Home, and reasons why you should get them. Integrating your security cameras to Google Home, including specific steps on how to go about it. Encryption, and why it’s important for your security and privacy, including tips on setting a strong password for your Google Home. Finally, there’s a mention of brands, whose cameras are compatible with Google Home.

Next you may ask what can you do with Google Home, as you start to expand the interconnection of your Google Home system.