UPDATED February 10, 2022 This piece has been updated to reflect the emergence of new technology

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Christian Mathews Security Writer

Voice-controlled assistants have been getting smarter over the years. They started as a gimmicky feature on smartphones. Voice assistants like Google, Siri and Alexa have now become a go-to option in our daily lives. Many are now asking what can you do with Google Home. You may also be asking, which is better Alexa or Google Home.

If you are considering buying a smart speaker for your home, then Google Home can be the choice you make. There are three variants in the line-up. Google Home Nest Mini costing 50$, Google Home at 130$ and Google Home Max at 400$. All of these run on Google’s custom AI assistant.

Each of these speakers provides features and services that cover a wide range of needs. They come at varying shapes, sizes, audio quality, and price. You can choose the Nest Mini if you want a cost-effective and compact option. You can go for the Home Max for a premium device with great audio. Alternatively, you can set up Google Home by investing in one of these devices. From there you can slowly build up your network of devices.

You can connect to your system and devices via the internet and control them with the app on your smartphone. The Google ecosystem provides great integration between all devices that support the Google AI assistant and Android software. Set devices across your home to create an integrated smart home where you can create an entirely customizable smart home experience. Once you know how do you set up Google Home, you’re ready to go and connect it with the rest of your house.

List Of Actions That Can Be Done With Google Home

When asking what can you do with Google Home, there are various cool things. While you can ask your Google AI assistant about the weather or play your Spotify playlists. The primary design function of the Google Home system is to make your life smarter and efficient with its voice assistant.

You can access the Google voice assistant via the proprietary devices or through an Android smartphone. Here is a list of suggested actions you can use to optimize your life with Google Home:

Use Google Home To Set Routines

With Google Home, you can make custom routines and have the Google Assistant remind you. With Google routines you can set up the device to act according to the routines and actions you have programmed into the system.

You can set up the device to recognize when you are at work, when you exercise, cook, and sleep. You can set corresponding music, podcasts, and media to play with each of the routines.

Setting Reminders And Alarms

This is one of the basic actions you can do. You can set the device to remind you of anything, whether to shop or take the dog to the vet. It can help you write shopping lists, random to-do lists, and other productivity tasks. You can use Google Home to set alarms for waking up in the morning or for when you are baking up a storm in the kitchen.

Use Google Home To Make And Receive Calls

You can link your number to the Google Home system making it easy to use the speakers as a hand free device to make and receive calls. This feature makes multitasking very easy to do.

Use Google Home As An Audio Speaker

This is one of the foremost functions of the devices. With these speakers, you can play music, podcasts, audiobooks, and other media content of your choice anywhere in your home.

Customize The Language Of Voice Assistant

If you speak in your native language at home, then you are in luck! You can set up to three languages for your assistant to use. This makes the device incredibly useful in a multilingual household.

Setting The Device On Night Mode

You can control how it operates and talks to you throughout the day and night. With night mode you can set the Google assistant on silent, so that you can have a peaceful and undisturbed sleep at night.

List Of Devices That Can Be Connected To And Controlled By Google Home

When asking what can you do with Google Home, you should also ask, what can it be connected to. Firstly, before installing your device or other smart devices in your house, consider if they are compatible with each other.

By having a proper smart ecosystem at home, you can optimize the quality of your life. There are several smart devices on the market that work with Google to transform your house into a smart home. Here is a list of devices you should consider buying:

Google Nest Hub Max

The unique selling point of this device is the ease with which it allows you to control all the smart devices in your house. You can use the Nest Hub Max to control the smart speakers, lights, and other devices integrated on the platform.

Philips Hue Lights

Philips range of smart home lights works beautifully with Google Home. You can use the app on your smartphone or the voice assistant to control the color and brightness of your room lights. This adds an extra dimension to the ambiance of your home.

Bluetooth Speakers

You can operate other Bluetooth speakers, like the ones from Sonos or JBL. By syncing up these devices, you can easily play your music anywhere.


Combined with Chromecast, you can become a media wizard. Once connected and integrated with your TV, you can use voice commands to turn on video and media consumption platforms like Netflix and YouTube at will. How cool is that!

Home Security Solutions

You can connect numerous security locks and cameras to your smart home to monitor the safety of your house. You can choose products like the Arlo Q camera and August Wi-Fi Smart locks, among many.

Smart Home Electronics

This is an interesting category of smart appliances. Products like Wemo smart plugs that can be switched on and off remotely and the Nest Learning Thermostat that can control the ambient temperatures of your house with the help of Google Assistant and Google home devices. You connect directly with Nest Thermostat Remote Sensor to keep an eye on the temperature and settings.