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Christian Mathews Security Writer

Apple HomeKit door lock doesn’t need any introduction. For starters, the Apple HomeKit door lock is a smart lock that works and integrates with your Apple HomeKit. 

An Apple HomeKit refers to all your home smart devices that can be controlled by your iOS device with the help of the Apple HomeKit app/framework. To know if the product you are buying is capable of working with your iOS device, see for a label that reads “Works with Apple HomeKit” on your product.  

1Apple Homekit Smart Locks

Different smart locks work with Apple HomeKit. Here is a list of the best Apple HomeKit door locks i.e., smart locks compatible with Apple HomeKit. 

2Smart Locks That Work With Apple Homekit

The best remote door locks for your home that you can pick up without second thoughts are:

Yale Smart Lock Apple HomeKit

Yale smart lock is an intellectual lock with a numbered touchpad above it. The touchpad can even stay hidden with the cover attached to it. It’s not a deadbolt lock but a traditional lever with a physical knob to lock things down. 

It comes with long-distance locking via the additional hub. It does not require a backup key and supports autolocking as well. Not only it supports Apple HomeKit, but it is also compatible with other top home security systems. 

Schlage Smart Lock Apple HomeKit

Schlage Sense smart lock is next in line among the Bluetooth enabled and Apple HomeKit compatible smart locks. It works well with complete deadbolt replacement door locks. 

It is designed much similar to Yale Assurance smart lock i.e.; it has a keypad at top. However, instead of a lever at the bottom, it includes a keyhole lock on the outside. It can also be controlled remotely with the help of Apple Tv or HomePod. It works well with Apple HomeKit if within the Bluetooth range. 

Premis Apple HomeKit Smart Lock

Kwikset Premis smart lock is another smart lock to consider as it is specifically only compatible with Apple HomeKit. Like others, it is designed with a touch keypad at the top and a keylock at the bottom. 

In the interior, you can have a lever or a physical knob as per your liking. It supports long-distance locking and autolocking too. It provides a facility to customize up to 30 codes. However, 3 consecutive wrong codes will alert you with alarm sounds. 

It works well with iOS home app and Kwikset Premis app. 

August Smart Lock Apple HomeKit

A smart lock with all major integrations, August smart lock, is also ready to be controlled with your iPhone, Apple Watch, Home Pod, or Apple TV. 

It is compatible with interior deadbolt locks and is designed completely differently than the above-mentioned smart locks. 

It is designed like a circular knob and runs on batteries. It also features smart Door Sense with auto-lock and auto-unlock that works upon sensing your presence. To operate it remotely through Siri voice commands, you will either need August Wifi Bridge, August Doorbell Cam, or Apple TV. 

3Apple Homekit Door Sensor

Door sensors that are compatible with Apple HomeKit are a great and easy alternative to smart locks to keep you updated on your home security. 

Door sensors are easy-to-install sensors that come in two pieces and can be stuck to any surface with the help of double-sided tapes. 

With the help of an app like Apple Homekit or company’s app, they can sense your doors current status and let you know if you have left them open or not through notifications. 

Eve, Aqara, Fibrao, Lagrand and iSmartgate are some of the brands selling impressive door and window sensors out there you can choose from. 

4Things To Consider Before Buying Smart Locks

A smart lock purchase is nothing like picking up the first one you like. There are certain things you need to consider before buying them.

Door And Lock Type

The very first and most important thing to consider is your door and lock type. This is important to ensure that no significant replacements are done when installing a smart lock on your existing door. 

You need to know your door and lock type to search for the smart lock that fits it best. The most common ones are deadbolt replacement, Interior deadbolt replacement, Complete deadbolt replacement (both interior and exterior), handle or lever replacement, and Mortise.

Access Type

There are three access types you can choose from to open your smart door lock. It can be accessed either through the touchscreen or physical button built-in keypad, add-on keypad (installed separately near to the lock) or with the help of an app. 

Integration With Other Smart Home Ecosystems

Make sure your smart lock is compatible with the smart home security system. Most of the smart locks are compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Assistant, at least along with other home security systems. 

They also can be controlled directly through your smartphone, via your smart home speakers like HomePod or Echo, or make use of Wi-Fi and smart home hub. 

5Deadbolt Door Locks That Work With Apple Homekit

Do you have a deadbolt door lock and want to turn it into HomeKit enabled smart lock? Get your hands on ‘Level Lock’, which is known for turning ordinary deadbolts into invisible smart locks. 

It works for interior replacement deadbolt locks, comes with 1-year battery life, and is easy to install in your existing door type. Once you have removed the existing door lock, you can insert the Level lock deadbolt components in its place with the help of screws. 

On the outside, you will have a key lock knob, while on the inside, you will have a thumb turn lock secured in place with screws. Sandwiched between the two is the deadbolt lock supported by a CR2 battery that enables this lock to work as a hidden smart lock. 

It is fully compatible with the HomeKit app, and Level Lock Bluetooth enabled app. 

6The Wrap Up

This was all about the Apple HomeKit door lock. We hope this will help you figure out the best Apple HomeKit compatible smart lock for your router for your smart home.