UPDATED December 11, 2021 This piece has been updated to reflect the emergence of new technology

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Christian Mathews Security Writer

The liberty to self-preserve and protect our families and property is a basic right. Every parent or guardian can benefit from having a small spy camera with audio in their home. Parents do not always receive the certainty that their children are safe in their own homes. Child fatalities caused by crime are still an ongoing predicament among American communities. One way for parents to keep an eye on them is through the help of hidden surveillance cameras with audio. This is especially when they are off at work.

This modern high-tech is integrated as a part of your normal life without attracting much attention. Having a hidden surveillance camera in plain sight reduces the chances of it being covered or removed. It can also give you the choice to put it wherever you want.

A tiny spy camera with audio can easily be integrated into a phone charger or a clock. That way, no one will notice it, so this makes for a less invasive device that monitors everything that happens in the home within the parent’s and guardians’ periphery.

2Battery life/power source

Spy cameras with audio are incorporated in another piece of equipment or appliance that can be plugged in, then they can work for a relatively long time.

They can even provide even day-long security footage and recordings. Therefore, a hidden camera that is directly connected to a power source, can be expected to record for long periods, possibly even costing more in the process.

3Where to place them

The benefit of hidden surveillance cameras is that you can put them almost anywhere. This is especially true for the wireless ones or the types that are embedded into another device. However, Federal and State laws determine the restrictions when putting any recording devices in spaces and places that require privacy.

Therefore, if the area is considered public, you can install a hidden camera to record such areas. When used in bedrooms, it is best to secure the footage from reproduction or you can opt for a Wifi hidden camera without the audio recording feature. Use the best-hidden cameras for the bedroom

4For what purpose do you need hidden surveillance cameras with audio

Wireless hidden cameras for homes are installed for parents and guardians to have an idea of what is going on in their homes when they’re out. Similar to the nanny cameras that are installed in a child’s room.

These devices can be very useful in the event of a theft or a crime. Having video footage of the occurrence can help in identifying the involved suspects. Additionally, having additional audio recordings can put more context to the situation.

5Does it connect to an app/phone? 

Your Apple or Android phone can be connected via a hotspot function or a WiFi network. You can do so by first setting up your WiFi hidden camera to the Internet to establish a network. Once that is completed, your phone can be connected to it.

This will allow the viewer to access footage of your home at any given time. Additionally, you’ll be able to record any specific incident or rewind and replay a particular event. There are even features like a Live video feed that will allow you to connect your TV set to several surveillance cameras. This is usually the case in commercial and institutional establishments.

6Does it upload to cloud or local storage or both?

Most small hidden cameras for the house come with a live video feature that you can view through your phone or a television set. Additionally, almost all hidden cameras can store recordings locally via an SD card or to the cloud. In terms of efficiency, the cloud storage feature comes in handy because it can make work much easier. That way you do not need to have a micro SD that could get stolen from the device.

However, this is more of a choice between control and convenience. With local storage, you have more control over who gets access to the recordings. Cloud storage gives you convenience, but not as much control, as there is always the possibility of hacking or someone gaining access to your account.  

7Quality of video/audio

When it comes to equipment quality, not all products rise to the same standard. A good number of hidden surveillance cameras with audio do not provide high-quality footage. The best spy camera with audio set-ups are the ones that can keep people recognizable and the voices comprehensible.

Make sure to check on the craftsmanship when it comes to the hardware components of these devices. Invest in brands and products that come with reliable warranties and plenty of positive customer feedback.

8Know the laws in your state around video/audio recording

Providers of gadgets like hidden surveillance cameras usually design these as disguised audio recording devices. Devices that come with a microphone are automatically subject to Federal and State Laws.

However, a nuanced take on this lies on what the local state laws specifically allow under their “consent laws”. These laws require the consent of all parties involved in the recording varies across the states. It also covers a variety of recording devices, including camcorders, digital video cameras, and cell phones. Then again, these are restrictions that include nuances, and some states only require 1 consenting party.

Research the laws of your state – whether they allow the use of a hidden camera with the audio or if the law only allows video recording. One sure way to guarantee the legality is to discuss this matter with an attorney before any purchases. For additional reading that can aid you more in your research regarding Federal Law on the official website for the US Code.


We hope that guide has been of help to you in your search for the right solution. Many parents and guardians want only the best for their homes. Staying on top of both technical and regulatory specs will ensure that you are choosing the right device for your needs.