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Christian Mathews Security Writer

Pets are such a joy to take care of. They give us love, companionship, and the opportunity to make beautiful memories daily. As pet parents and owners, you must do your best to take care of your pet. This is where a pet camera comes in. With a two way pet camera, you can keep an eye on your furry friend from anywhere you are.

In this article, we will discuss everything there is to know about pet cameras and how you can use them in your home.

7How Do Pet Cameras Work

To put it simply, pet cameras work similarly to baby monitors with screen and WiFi or regular security cameras installed at home. Pet cameras come equipped with audio and video equipment that help capture everything going around the pet.

Advanced models come with two-way audio, motion detectors, night vision sensors, and treat dispensers. You can invest in a pet camera based on your needs and budget.

With a two-way pet camera, you get the ability to communicate and interact with your dog or cat via audio and video. You get to see where and what your pet is doing in your absence.

6Are Pet Cameras Worth It?

Two way pet cameras can be incredibly useful to keep track of your pet’s activities, mostly if you leave your pet at home while you go to work. With a pet camera, you can monitor what your pet does and where they go while you are absent.

Pet cameras are extremely useful if you take care of an old or sick pet or a pet who suffers from anxiety. With a two-way pet camera, you have the option to record and communicate with your pet to ease their anxieties. Pet cameras can also be used to track pets that were stolen or got lost.

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5Do Pet Cameras Help With Separation Anxiety

Pet cameras can help monitor your pet when you are not around. If you are unsure whether your pet deals with separation anxiety, you can use the audio and video feed recorded by the pet camera to keep a check on your pet in real-time. The video feed can help you determine if your pet is showing any signs of separation anxiety.

The video can help you with the process of training and behavior modifications for your dog. With a pet camera, you can easily catch the moment your pet starts showing any signs and immediately work towards correcting the behavior. You can also share the video feed with your vet or pet trainer to aid them in their diagnosis and training. All this information can help in making an informed choice about your pet’s safety and wellbeing.

4Are Pet Cameras Safe

Like most security cameras, pet cameras are safe and secure to use. You can place them in the corners of your house that are most used by your pet. It is best to keep the camera on an elevated surface so that your pet does not knock the camera off and that you get a clear field of vision.

3How To Set Up A Pet Camera

The market is flooded with a host of options for buying and using a pet camera. We have compiled a helpful list of the types of cameras available and how to set them up:

Using Your Computers Web Camera

One of the cheapest options when it comes to pet cameras is repurposing existing tech lying in the house. This includes your computer/laptop’s web camera. You can place a web camera in a convenient location that allows you to monitor your pet via video calling.

Using An Old Tablet As A Pet Camera

You can repurpose your old tablets and phones to act as a pet camera. Place the tablet in an area where the pet stays mostly, and be sure to connect it to a nearby power source. You can now easily use the video call feature to see what your pet is up to.

Standalone Cameras

You can use standard security cameras to double up as your pet camera. There are a variety of options available online. Most of these cameras are operated via an app and are connected to a home Wi-fi system to record and store all the footage.

Pet-Specific Cameras

The market is flush with cameras that are targeted for specific needs. These cameras come equipped with audio-video features and treat dispensers to make sure that the pet stays near the camera area. These cameras are generally connected to an app that allows the user to control how and what the camera does.

You can place them in any corner of the house that requires monitoring. These cameras come with special features like HD video quality, viewing angles, night vision, two-way pet cameras and treat dispensers. All of these features can enhance your ability to monitor your pet and keep them and sound.

2Where To Buy Pet Camera

Two way pet cameras are widely available in the market- online and offline. You can buy pet cameras offline at per stores, electronics stores, or at the vet clinic. Buying the camera offline gives you the advantage of physically testing the camera features before investing in it.

You also have the option of buying the pet camera online. Online retailers like Amazon and eBay carry most manufacturers with attractive sales on these items. With online shopping, you can easily compare models- with their specs and prices.

1How Much For A Home Pet Camera?

In general, cameras cost an average of $100, with the cheapest camera on the market costing below $50 and most expensive going well into $200 and above. The pet camera’s cost depends mainly on the features it offers, its built quality, and size.

We suggest that you invest in a suitable device if you are serious about using a pet camera to monitor and improve your pet’s life.