A remote door lock offers more than just security. Comfort, convenience and even a bit of style are what remote door locks afford you. It is easy to be overwhelmed with so much choice and features. We’ll look at the best remote door locks for house.

In this guide, we’ll cover the following to help you find the best remote door lock for your house:

  • Cost
  • Your needs, what are you looking for in a wireless door lock
  • Whether you’re an IOS or android user

Among other criteria.

1Importance of Remote Door Locks

Automatic door locks give you more than the standard security that comes with regular door locks.

Remote access, video integration and smart-hub integration, are but a few of the perks that come with having remote door locks.

Imagine a situation where a friend or a guest is coming over. Or maybe you need to have deliveries made to your house. You happen to be at work, or elsewhere, but you’ve got to let these people into your house.

With a conventional door lock, giving away spare keys can be challenging. With remote door locks however, you can avoid all this hassle, granting access to whomever you wish into your house.

It is safe to say security door locks for homes give you an additional layer of security, in addition to the comfort, convenience and style.

2Key Features

With so many options out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

So how do you choose the best electric door locks for home?

The answer to this question, lies primarily in what the key features are and your needs. Specifically, the purpose for the remote door locks.

How many people in your family require their own access? Are you renting out your house, or just a room? Do you co-share the house, or do you own the entire place?

We’ll cover some of the key features, so that you have the right information when shopping for the right solution. 

Door Access Type

Via app

Almost all smart locks have this feature. You get to download an app and to unlock your door you need to have the app running in the background. The Wifi door lock will automatically unlock as soon as you get close to it. This works via geo-fencing, which detects that you are nearby or not and either locks or unlocks the door.

The auto lock feature built into most of the apps can lock the door itself moments after you leave. No more struggling with keys, especially when your hands are full.

Built in keypad

Locks that come with this accessory give you even more freedom, as to who you give access to your house.

To unlock the door you (or anyone you’ve given access) need to key in the security code to unlock the door.

Add on keypad

Some locks may not have built in keypads.

For these locks however you can easily get an add-on keypad accessory either from the lock manufacturer or others in the market.

Either way, these afford you the same convenience as those with built in keypads. You’ll need to key in the code to unlock the door.


With this you’ll need to tap your RFID card/NFC on your wireless door lock, which serves as the “reader” to unlock your door. The card can be easily attached to your key chain and pressed against the sensor to unlock. If you have your keys in your pocket, you could push your pocket towards the sensor to unlock the door. 


You’ll need your key FOB, (pretty much similar to the one you use on your car) which uses Bluetooth, sends instructions to your smart remote door lock to open. This one requires that you press a button which can also be done through your pocket and still much easier than unlocking it with a key.

Remote Access and Smart Hub Integration

Remote access gives you even more control with your smart door lock.

To lock or unlock the door all you need is to tell Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant and you can do this using your phone, smart speaker or even your smartwatch.

Depending on the connectivity type or remote access enabled in your smart door lock you can lock and unlock and check whether the door is still locked or not. Your remote door lock can be integrated with your smart home in numerous ways.


It is the most basic type of connectivity for remote door locks. The connectivity can be quite limited in terms of distance.

You will have full control of your Bluetooth door lock. However, you must be really close to the door to either lock or unlock the door.

Wi-Fi hub

Using an add-on that supports Wi-Fi your remote smart lock can connect to a router, giving you the ability to control the Wifi door lock wherever you are, provided you have connection to Wi-Fi.


Essentially, this works similar to the Wi-Fi hub.

However, you’ll need a smart home hub rather than an add-on Wi-Fi device.

You can control your remote smart lock from anywhere provided you have access to Wi-Fi and the smart hub is connected to your router.

3Which is the Best Remote Door Lock For You?

Now you know what to expect when looking for best remote door locks for house. It’s now time you find out how to get the best remote door lock for your needs.

Knowing what your needs are makes this decision much easier. 

Own or Rent

Depending on whether you rent or own the property, you’ll have different needs or limitations.

Some rental agreement clauses for instance, may stipulate the need not to interfere or modify the existing lock. You may need to get an electronic door lock that is simply an add-on, and lets you keep/use the initial key.

You may also own the property and in this case, most remote smart locks will suit your needs easily.

If you’re an Airbnb host, you might need a remote smart lock that not only enables you to create random access codes, but also monitor when the guest checks in or out.


For some, this is an important factor. The type of remote door lock you choose, will depend on your budget.

AIt should be noted that for budget remote door locks (typically the range of $100-$150) the features are quite limited compared to the more advanced remote smart locks, which may be a bit pricey (the range of $200-$400). You get what you pay for. 

IOS or android

Depending on whether you’re an android or IOS user, you’ll want to get the remote smart door lock that’s most compatible with your device (i.e. mobile phone/ smartwatch). If you are an IOS user, then there is the Apple Homekit Door Lock. If you are opting for another mobile app solution, check with the different brands to make sure your device is covered.


We’ve covered pretty much all the features you can find in modern day automatic door locks. It is important to assess your own needs and requirements, along with the budget you have and then decide accordingly. 

You can use this guide as a checklist to make sure you have ticked all the boxes you need to find the best remote door locks for house.