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Christian Mathews Security Writer

Don’t we all hate to enter into a chilling home in winters after a day’s work? Wouldn’t it be nice if you are welcomed into a cozy home and warm atmosphere? Your wishes have been answered now. Nest and SimpliSafe are here to make your home feel safe and cozy all the time. Your home’s atmosphere will be accustomed before you even step into the house. Many question ask the question “Does Simplisafe work with Nest?”

Both SimpliSafe and Google Nest are known for manufacturing smart security products that can double your house protection through tight surveillance.

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SimpliSafe is a home security system that includes a range of smart products to keep your home safe from burglary, fires, power outages, and everything in between. The SimpliSafe products use sensors to protect your home and even produce round-the-clock professional help in any mishappening. Once you know  how to set up SimpliSafe, you can move onto connecting it to Nest.

Google Nest has a diverse range of smart products and includes Nest thermostat, smart cameras, smart locks and doorbells, smoke detectors, and a lot more.

Will integrating the Nest and SimpliSafe help you double your home security? Let’s find out.

1SimpliSafe And Nest Thermostat Integration

Does Simplisafe work with Nest? It’s true that SimpliSafe and Nest thermostat can now be integrated and make security smarter and easier.

Integrating SimpliSafe with Nest thermostat means you can let the Nest thermostat know when you are home and not. SimpliSafe and Nest can work accordingly to save your energy and power bills.

When you leave your home and arm your SimpliSafe of the same, it will integrate with Nest thermostat, and Nest will know it’s time to lower the energy use. Similarly, when you disarm SimpliSafe again when you are back, the Nest will make your home cozy again by the time you remember to turn it on your own. You can even arm and disarm SimpliSafe using Google Assistant as well.

This is what the company says. However, the new update says that you will still need the help of Google Assistant to connect SimpliSafe and Nest. That means you need to connect SimpliSafe to Nest and not Nest to SimpliSafe to make it work. It has also been said that the integration used to work well until Google bought Nest and switched servers.

2How Does Nest Know When You Are Away?

Nest thermostat knows when you are away with the help of sensors that sense when the house is empty. This is made possible with the use of auto-away mode that Nest thermostat features.

Auto-away features work with the help of Nest’s Nest Sense feature. Nest Sense feature works on motion sensors that are fitted in front of the Nest thermostat. When these sensors don’t sense motion for a certain period, it assumes no one in the house and enables Auto-Away automatically.

On the other hand, if the sensor picks up motion activity when it’s on Auto-Away, it quickly turns off the auto-away and enables the Nest thermostat to resume its operation.

Talking about the time period, it waits before enabling Auto-Away, well that’s interesting to know. There is no fixed time set as the Nest has an exciting capability to adjust its timing according to its last period’s inactivity. If it senses that the auto-away was enabled wrongly, it will wait for a much longer next time before allowing auto-away. Similarly, if it feels that it gets it right almost every time, it will decrease its period of inactivity next time before enabling Auto-away accordingly.

However, Nest thermostat sensing can go wrong at times if you have very erratic schedules that make it difficult for Nest sensors to actually perform well. In these cases, the Nest thermostat auto-away feature may cost you more than it can cut down on your bills.

If auto-sense and auto-away features aren’t working for you, there are other options to set that right.

You Can Connect Your Nest Thermostat To Your Phone’s Location

With the help of the Google Home app and Nest thermostat can know your phone’s location if you have opted for it. Once it figures out your phone’s location and of other family members too, it enables Nest and your other Google Nest devices to know when you are home and away.

For this, you will have to enable presence sensing in the Google Home app and always keep your phone location on. This should be followed by everyone who lives in the house.

The good news is Google Home is not concerned with your full phone location and where you are every time. It will only track down your phone within your home’s geofence. As it senses you enter or leave your home’s geofence, it will activate Google Nest thermostat accordingly.

You Can Manually Tell Nest When You Are Home And Away Through Google Home App Or Nest App.

As you will open the Nest app or home app, you will see the option where you can select the home or away option to change your home’s mode.

You Can Integrate Nest Thermostat With SimpliSafe Devices

Regardless of whether you can integrate Nest with SimpliSafe or vice versa, you can integrate both of them is the ultimate truth. If you have a SimpliSafe device, you can make the most of it by integrating with Nest and Google Assistant.


We’ve answered the question “Does SimpliSafe work with Nest?”. SimpliSafe works with Nest and vice versa with the help of Google Assistant only. If you have a SimpliSafe product at home, you can increase its functionality by integrating with Nest.