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Christian Mathews Security Writer

French doors are a sight for the eyes as they are constructed most elegantly and appealingly. They provide a vintage look and still enhance the overall beauty of the house. Finding security doors for french doors is a balance between safety and style. We’ll cover that and more below.

1What Are The French Doors?

French doors have become quite popular in the recent past with the change in the interior trends. The signature French doors are double doors of equal size with a glass pane in most of the part. These look like windows and can be opened on both sides.

Generally, French doors are installed as patio doors, garden doors, and backyard doors to extend the space by opening outwards.

You can identify a French door with the way they look. They are large-sized doors and cover most of the space of the wall, just like conventional doors, and still provide a lot of oomph to your home.

2Why Are French Doors A Security Target?

French doors are generally not considered good in terms of security. This is because most of their part is covered with glass. This makes it easy to break into the house without much noise. Having security doors for french doors can help prevent this.

To not make French doors a security target, several modifications can be done to ensure they are tough and burglary free.

This could involve installing a double cylinder deadbolt that can open the French doors only through a key from both sides. Also, the factory hinges can be replaced with much stronger ones. The doors can also be constructed from a thicker and robust material accompanied by super quality glass like hurricane-rated glass that makes doors impossible to break in.

Lastly, a thick security bar can be installed on both sides in the middle of the door to prevent the door from opening even by force.

3Different Types Of French Door Security

If you are getting your home renovated or deciding on the interiors of your new home, don’t overlook the beauty that french doors can provide to your home. You can get different types of security doors for french doors installed at different places in your house.

French Patio Doors

The French patio doors or external French doors fit best for the outdoors that lead you outside to the patio, backyard, or garden.

You can choose to install a hinged French patio door or a sliding door patio door as well. If you are short on space, a hinged patio door that can be opened on both sides is a great way to make your house look spacious. A hinged patio door provides you with the advantage of not having a bar at the bottom, unlike sliding doors providing hurdle free walking space.

Sliding French Doors

Sliding French doors don’t swing open inside or outside rather slide left and right. They take up less space and can easily be installed in a pre-constructed house as well. Sliding French doors include two large window panes overlapping each other when either side is to be opened.

A sliding French patio door is different from sliding French doors as the former cannot be opened from both sides and one side of it remains fixed. On the other hand, a sliding French door provides access to get outside or inside from both sides.

Internal French Doors

Internal French doors are best installed between two rooms in the house. This prevents loss of space when demarking the territory and ensure each room contains proper lightning.

An internal French door is always a great medium to divide two rooms instead of a brick wall.

Screen Doors

Screen doors for French doors are considered the most secure French doors. Screen French doors are stainless-steel doors that are installed over the French doors. As French doors have glass panels in most of their area, this hampers their security. Installing a screen door over them will enhance the security of French doors and prove to be advantageous in many other ways.

4French Door Frame Types

The frame of your French door is all you have to get maximum security when considering security doors for french doors. Some of the common materials used for French door frames include:


uPVC is the cheapest form of the French door frame. It is best for insulating your house. However, due to the lack of sturdiness, these doors are better used as internal French doors.

Composite Door Frames

These form the strongest French door frames as these door frames are a mixture of timber, uPVC edging, and glass-reinforced polymers.

These fit are the best pick for the main doors of your house.

Aluminum Door Frames

Aluminum door frames are not only strong but durable as well. They prevent corrosion and are the right fit for insulating your house well.

Moreover, aluminum French doors can be coated with any color to enhance their beauty.

Timber Door Frames

Not the strongest material but are surely beneficial for adding beauty to your house.

If hardwood timber is used as a French door frame, the door becomes sturdy enough to last long. Softwood timber can be used for internal French doors perfectly and can be painted suiting the interiors of the house.

5French Door Locks To Consider

Installing a French door without proper locks is the worst mistake. French doors do need additional security to provide you with a peaceful sleep at night. Consider the best security doors for homes.

Here are some security door locks to consider:

  • Use security bars to cover the handles when you are out at night or away from home
  • Use laminated glass to provide an extra layer of security
  • Use security door brace or sliding door lock for sliding French doors
  • Go for electronic options like sensors and detectors that warn you of any danger.
  • Install double glazing for extra security feature

French doors may be vulnerable to security. However, with the new security measures, they are one of the safest doors to consider. Ensure that along with the right door, you have security door locks for your home.