UPDATED February 10, 2022 This piece has been updated to reflect the emergence of new technology

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Christian Mathews Security Writer

Your home entry door stands tall and acts as a wall between you and intruders. A strong security door can alleviate your home security by leaps and bounds. If you are looking for best security doors for homes but aren’t sure what to be looking for, then read on.

1Different Types Of Security Doors for Homes

If you are installing a main door make sure it is a security door. This is as opposed to just a simple traditional door type. Besides single and double door security doors, there are four different types of security doors you should prefer from.

Residential Steel Security Doors And Frames

Steel security doors and frames are the sturdiest of all and also the most affordable too. These are certainly more powerful than glass, wood, or fiberglass doors and also last longer.

Even with maximum force applied, they can be bent or dented instead of knocking it down altogether. They stay unaffected from the different shades of weather as well.

The best steel doors are easy to install. They come with a welded steel frame. They are constructed from an energy-efficient polyurethane core. If you don’t like the feel of the steel door, you can powder coat it to provide the right look.

High-Security Storm Door

Storm doors can withstand all forms of weather. An alternative name that is used is climate control doors. They not only prevent the cold chilly air from entering your home but also to provide high security to your home.

Their construction is from welded steel or aluminum. Some are equipped with tempered safety glass to make them perfect for every sort of weather. Good high-security storm doors also have interchangeable screen and glass panels and are easy to install. The interchangeable panel is what makes them perfect for all sorts of weather. You can remove or keep this panel intact to allow or disallow the air to enter the house.

Home Security Screen Door

You can find your screen door in single, double, sliding, or mesh doors. The most popular high-security screen doors are the sliding glass doors or the mesh doors. They may or may not include overlay patterns. Security front door screens are mesh doors constructed from steel and not from aluminum or fiber, which makes them sturdier. These provide high security and include interchangeable screen inserts that make them suitable for every weather.

You can remove this safety glass panel to allow ventilation and still prevent the entry of intruders.

Glass Security Door

These security doors are preferred for sliding double doors. Glass security doors are constructed from tempered glass as it is stronger than the regular glass. They are generally installed towards your patio entrance. Other options include security doors for french doors.

Glass security doors work best for doors inside the house as they provide easy access to your backyard, patio or deck.

2Tips For Buying The Best Security Doors For Homes

If you are changing your existing door or getting installing one in your new home, consider the best possible security door for home. Some doors require professional help, while some can be installed on your own.

Here are some of the helpful tips:

Go For A Solid Core Door

Check on the door’s strength, durability and security by knocking on it to judge its solidness. If it sounds hollow or has an echo, then it is not as solid as you require. A solid core door provides high security, as it can’t be kicked down as easily.

Have A Deadlock Bolt

Don’t forget to install a deadlock on your door that can only be accessed from the inside of the side. Doors with locks don’t have an exterior keyhole and can only be locked and unlocked from inside as a superior security feature. Such doors are termed as exit-only deadbolt locks with doors.

Install Peepholes

Having a peephole on your door allows you to know who is on the door without opening it. This is helpful when an unknown person is knocking on the door.

Most intruders ring the bell and then enter forcibly once they hear your opening the door. Installing wide peepholes on the door and chain locks’ sides help prevent such intruders from entering your house.

If you have wide-angle door spaces, look out for security doors with side peepholes or big peepholes in the middle.

Install Back Doors

Back doors are often neglected and not replaced. There are more chances that the intruder will make way to your house from the back door instead of the front one.

Installing high-security steel or storm door with deadlock bolts on back doors is therefore as important. For patio doors as well, it is good to have top and bottom door locks installed as a safety feature.

3The Wrap Up

Finding the best security doors for homes, what types to consider and more. Wood and fiberglass doors are good for security. However, they demand high maintenance. Wood doors are also less energy efficient. When it comes to security, installing a home security system, deadbolt and jamb are some of the security features you can have to make the most of them.

To add extra security to your security door, outdoor lights also play an important role. Investing in a good night outdoor light with a motion sensor that can deter intruders is not a bad idea as well.