UPDATED December 11, 2021 This piece has been updated to reflect the emergence of new technology

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Christian Mathews Security Writer

Your home is supposed to be a haven and you want to keep it protected from burglars and intruders. There are different security measures that you can apply to your home to safeguard it. But one of the most important things is to secure the entrance doors of your house. So the first thing you should focus on is protecting your front entrance door and the back door if you have one. And a convenient way to do it is by installing security front door screens.

But you may wonder what exactly a security screen door is. It’s easy to get confused between security screen doors and normal screen doors. By the end of this post, we will explain everything in detail that you need to know about security screen doors.

1What Is A Security Screen Door?

You’re probably familiar with normal screen doors. Installation is in front of your main door and has a mesh pattern that lets wind and breeze in but keeps bugs and insects out. A magnetic screen door is an easy and convenient way to make sure the door is never left open.

But these screen doors do not offer protection against human threats and intrusions.

A security screen door is more advanced than a normal screen door. They also have a mesh pattern to allow the flow of breeze and keep out bugs, but in addition to that, they also protect your home from intruders.

To explain it simply, a security screen door is a combination of normal screen doors and high-security features. And by ‘security features,’ we mean:

  • Extremely strong and durable material for frames, mesh, and hinges, preferably steel.
  • A highly secure locking mechanism
  • Hinges that can’t be easily removed by an outsider

2How Effective Are Security Front Door Screens? Do They Work?

The effectiveness of your security screen door depends on the type of door you choose. You will come across cheaper models that offer only basic security. Similarly, there are high-end screen doors that are extremely secure. You also need to consider how safe your neighborhood is and the level of security you are looking for.

You don’t always need to go for high-end doors. A basic model might be good enough if your area is already quite safe and with very low crime rates. However, if you need a high level of protection and still choose to go for a basic-version security door, it wouldn’t be fair to blame it on the product.

So the bottom line is that different levels of security doors are equally effective in the right scenario. Analyze the level of security you want for your home and choose the product that best suits your needs.

Generally speaking, security screen doors are very effective in protecting your home entrance. Burglars and intruders prefer easy targets, so just seeing the security screen door in your entrance can send them in the other direction.

Considering all these factors, it’s safe to say that security screen doors do a great job of protecting your house.

3Difference Between Normal Screen Doors and Security Screen Doors

We have already explained the basic difference between normal and security screen doors. The term ‘screen door’ basically means an additional door that works as a screen for the main door. You install both normal and security screen doors in front of a house’s main entrance.

Normal screen doors serve two functions – let the wind or breeze in and keep the bugs and insects out. Most people install these screen doors so that they can keep their main door open. This allows light and air to flow freely through the house. But these doors aren’t necessarily durable enough or have secure locks. Most screen doors are made of wood, so you can’t expect these to protect your home from intruders.

Security screen doors are designed to prevent intruders from breaking in while still serving as a normal screen door at other times. They are made of steel, aluminum, or other metal alloys, with steel being one of the most durable options. Even the mesh on these doors is made of metal, making them hard to cut through.

4Can I Put a Screen Door in Front of Any Door?

Screen doors require professional installation, but it’s easier than you’d think. It doesn’t require a lot of space so it’s possible to put it in front of any door you want. However, you don’t need a security screen for doors inside your home, so they are best suited for exterior doors such as the front and back doors. For other doors inside your home, you can put normal screen doors if you need one. If you have a french door, then double door security doors may be an option too.

5Security Benefits of Screen Front Door Screens

Security front door screens will protect you and your home, as that’s what they are designed to do. Here are some of the main benefits of security screen doors:

  • An extra layer of protection for your main door
  • Metal frames and mesh that are extremely difficult to break or penetrate
  • Works as a visual deterrent, as intruders will be discouraged from breaking in when they see a home that has a security screen door
  • The door can’t be unhinged easily

6Aesthetic Benefits of Security Screen Doors

Most security doors compromise the aesthetics of your home. Since security doors must be durable, they usually have a metallic body with little option for decorations. However, security screen doors offer protection while still preserving the aesthetic aspect.

Your main door can have any design as you wish without worrying about how secure it is. The screen door in front will take care of the security factor. And since these screen doors have a mesh design, your main door will still be visible on the inside. What’s even better is that these doors have different attractive mesh designs, so they add to the aesthetics of your home.


If you want a combination of convenience, security, and aesthetics all in one, then a security screen door is the best option. They do not fully seal and allow the passage of air and breeze. They keep pests as well as intruders at the bay. And lastly, they keep the beauty of your home entrance intact. And if you invest properly in a strong and durable model, they will serve for years with little repair and maintenance. In addition to your screen door, ensure that you have the best lock for your front door too.