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Christian Mathews Security Writer

Dogs are among the most lovable pets by almost everyone. Like any family member, we want to protect them, especially once in the car. Unwanted circumstances might happen as a sudden crash or hit, so a dog’s safety is also essential. At the same time, a dog in the car must not distract the driver as well. So, how to keep your dog safe in the car?

The Center for Pet Safety recommends that dogs must be secured in the care just like any other passenger. Securing your dog keeps you safe too. We will discuss several ways and products that help in ensuring the safety of your dog. 

1Tips For Longer Distance Traveling With Dogs

Here are some of the best advice and products that would ensure your dog’s safety in the car once on a journey:

Mat or Travel Bed

For those with a pet bed at home, you can bring it with you to help keep the pet a lot more comfortable and secure. Or, you can simply get or buy one for the car. Beds for your cargo area could be great options, as hammocks fit over the rear-seat area. 

Mat or Liner on Cargo Area

Both mat and liners protect the carpets and make the process of cleaning up a lot easier. You can look for a mat or liner with at least two to three inches of the lip around the edge to make spills contained. 

Loading Ramp

Loading ramps make it a lot easier for the dog to get in and out of the car. Foldable ramps or telescoping offer extra length without having to fit in the car for too long. 


A pet-friendly guidebook has additional must-have tips on emergency services, lodging, and parks along the way. 

Pre-packed Food

Bring familiar food that your dog enjoys. That will save you money, instead of having to buy along the way. Simply pack each meal in a resealable plastic bag. 

Collar ID Tag

Have one of these with the dog’s name, your name, and your telephone number. Losing your dog while on holiday will make it much more difficult to find him/her. Having sufficient identification will limit this.

Toys, Treats, and Biscuits

These are essentials to relieve stress. Familiarity for your dog is a great way to make them feel at home and less agitated. A calm and relaxed dog is a safe dog.

Dog Towels

These are handy for swims or unforeseen mud baths. They can be used to keep your car clean and as an added comfort for your dog.

Water Bowl

There are unique travel bowls that are collapsible, resealable, and spill-proof. Some models come along with a cup holder. However, any plastic bowl will do. And don’t forget a container to carry water. 


You must not forget this one. This helps with any pit stops that need to be made along the way.


Remember to bring ointments, pills, or anything that you give the dog at home. 

2How to Keep a Dog Safe in a Car?

In addition to the list above, here are other suggestions we can give to keep your beloved dog safe in your car:

  • Fit the best dog car restraint. This is a perfect one for well-behaved dogs and it secures the dog in a position with a strap that plugs into the seat belt. Just make sure that the dog doesn’t chew the harness during the journey. 
  • Attach a zip line harness. This is intended for young and active dogs that struggle to settle down. This zip line harness restrains the dog at the same time, letting them move around. Just make sure that you use them in conjunction with your dog car harness. 
  • Place the dog in a crate. An option for relaxed and confident dogs, a dog car crate, ensures that the dog is secure, comfortable, and safe. Just make sure that the crate is large enough for the dog to stand up and turn around. 
  • Have a plush carry box for the dog. If you have small and anxious pups, an elevated box offers them a good view of you and their surroundings. Just make sure to use it along with a dog harness. 
  • You can fit a dog guard in the trunk or boot. This option is ideal for a canine traveler who admires seeing you and moving around. This guard prevents the dog from being thrown forward in an accident. Just get a guard that bolts to the roof and floor of the car to be knocked out of its position. 
  • Get them a back-seat hammock. For older dogs who might want to lie down, a back-seat hammock protects the dog from falling off their seats and stops them from climbing into the front. Get one that comes with a non-slip covering, so it doesn’t slide off the bench. 
  • And you can also install a back-seat barrier. This way is well-suited if you have larger dogs that struggle to relax once restrained. The barrier would keep the dog in the back seat even if you brake suddenly. 

You can follow some of these ways to ensure that your dog is secure, safe, and comfortable in your car. These tips also address the different types of dogs that an owner may have. 


The safety of everyone in the car must always be a top priority before going on a trip. Make sure that everyone is safe, and that includes your pet. Dog car safety will not just make your journey a lot easier but will also put your mind at ease. Just follow some of the ways on how to make your dog safe in the car and have the best products or supplies for your dog once inside a vehicle. Undoubtedly, safety is guaranteed!