“Prepare and prevent; don’t repair and repent” – Isn’t this quote so perfect for “security door locks for homes” matter? So, how to prepare and prevent? How to build an effective front door security plan?

This guide will provide you with all the information you need. Especially, in choosing the best security door locks for homes to keep you and your house safe.

We’ll discuss security ratings, lock types as well as other measures to keep your front door burglar-proof. 

1What is “ANSI Grading”?

“ANSI” stands for the American National Standards Institute. The organization fosters the development of technology standards for products, services, processes, systems, and personnel in the United States. “ANSI Grade” is the collaboration between ANSI and the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association.

On the packaging of each lock set, you will find the “ANSI Grade” number. The number shows the strength of security that lock offers:

  • Grade 1 is the most secure. It’s suited to use as the first entry door lock for business or homes.
  • Grade 2 is not as fierce as 1, but it still meets the standards for front door security. In short, it is stronger than common home locks and is a more budget choice than the Grade 1.
  • Grade 3 are locks that meet basic requirements. It’s the lowest of ratings. It can be used as your secondary entry door lock.

In choosing a door safety lock, you should go for the highest security grade you can afford. In case you don’t find this number on the lock, ask the seller!

2Lock Types

There are many kinds of locks that can be used to enhance your front door security. These include doorknobs, deadbolts, keyless, padlocks, smart locks and much more. The list is pretty long. 

To make the safest entry door entry system is to mix some lock types together, such as keyless with a deadbolt, exterior doorknob with a deadbolt or barrel bolt to the entry door lock.

We’ll cover the top 4, most popular and effective exterior door locks. 


When you turn the lock, a metal bolt on the door will extend and fit into the slot on the door frame. This is a simple, but effective type of door safety lock.

There are two kinds of deadbolt lock:

  • The single-cylinder deadbolt with a keyhole on the outside and a latch on the inside, which means you can lock or unlock the door from the inside without a key.
  • The double cylinder deadbolt has keyholes on both sides of the door.

The deadbolt lock is always paired with knobs or handles. It’s one of the most effective security door locks for homes since it’s hard to be picked or sawed. 

A door with a window can be an easy access point to get to the inside latch. If this is the case, consider either a keyhole on the inside or an alternative safety lock.

Mortise Lock

Mortise is a grade 1 entry door lock. A mortise lock set comprises of many parts and requires more technical skills in order to install.

The system itself is a complicated mechanism. It’s strong and reliable and it’s hard to be broken. However, due to its intricate settings, it could be difficult to fix or change once one or some of the components have problems. Not all mortise locks are interchangeable. 

Keyless Lock

This front door security solves one of the biggest problems that many people face: “I can’t find my key!”.

A keyless or electronic lock consists of a keypad that lets you put in a code. It could also require a smart card to unlock the door automatically. Some of the most modern designs even provide you with a fingerprint or facial-recognition unlock system. A keyless lockset also has a knob or handle with it. 

Smart Lock

The smart lock is the latest of technologies when it comes to front door locks. With this lockset, your phone is your key, which means you can monitor your door wherever you are. The front door security system usually consists of a lock and also a system of video or audio or both which lets you have ultimate control of your house’s safety.

Some phone app’s allow you to remotely open and lock the door, without even being home. Others also have a geo-location feature that automatically locks and unlocks when you are near the front door.

To choose the best remote door locks for your home, you can consider these 3 types of connection:

  • Bluetooth – the most common, but cannot be operated when your phone is not close enough to the lock
  • Wifi – this allows you to connect to your front door from anywhere with your phone
  • Z-wave – works similar to wifi, but requires an additional hub to communicate with.The advantage of z-wave over Wifi is that z-wave will not create any wifi interference.

3“Survival Tips” for Front Door Security

By knowing how most intruders access a home can be useful in further protecting your front door. Beyond having a safe and secure front door lock, here are some other things to consider. 

Common entry methods by burglars 

  • Crowbars or credit cards to slip through locks or pry open entryways
  • Pipe wrench to break a common entry door lock which has no other extra security
  • Deadbolt locks can be spoiled by pick guns or bump keys. And if those don’t work, even a power drill
  • Hackers can steal your password and gain access to the smart lock by many technology tricks
  • The most common is brute force by kicking the door in

Extra steps to strengthening your front door

  • Use a grade 1 deadbolt
  • The exterior door should be solid, metal is most preferable. And it also should be well lit to reduce invading attempts at night.
  • Use good quality strike plates with long screws to toughen exterior door locks
  • Adding a secondary door safety lock. Or third or fourth if you feel the need
  • Avoid doors with windows
  • Keyless or smart lock: purchase from reputable companies; use a long password or 2-factor authentication, and keep software and applications up to date.
  • Use video doorbells and security cameras for extra cautions


Your safety is a top concern for us and without being thorough, we wouldn’t be doing our job. We’ve included a detailed list of things that you can use as a checklist to find the right security door locks for homes. The next thing to check off your list is to ensure you have the best security doors for your home.

To sum things up, here are some key points when building a plan for your exterior door locks: choose the most suitable door locks, remember to check its ANSI grade, and put extra protections in place.