UPDATED December 11, 2021 This piece has been updated to reflect the emergence of new technology

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Christian Mathews Security Writer

Hidden cameras can be a lifesaver for many reasons when used for the right purpose. Surveillance is the prime objective of using these hidden cameras that could be pointing fingers at your cheating spouse or even thieves. These small hidden cameras for your house can be thought of as those sneaky devices in movies and series.

Let’s know how they work in real life.

1How Are Hidden Cameras Hidden?

Know how to hide these cameras and why it’s important.

Miniature Cameras

Miniature cameras are very small cameras that are used inside other cameras for photography or recording videos. These are even found hidden in streetlights.

Nanny Cameras

You can use nanny cameras on household premises for keeping an eye on the activities of a caregiver.

DVR Cameras

Hidden DVR cameras are most suited and easiest to install. They blended into the everyday objects that won’t get noticed. They record motions activated videos with HD resolution and night vision.

Wi-Fi Hidden Cameras

Most Wi-Fi hidden cameras allow you to connect to your phone or application providing much convenience. Wi-Fi hidden cameras enable you to see the recording on your smartphone, PC, or tablet with the help of the connected app. They allow you to be at two places at once without missing out on anything.

Some of them also favor cloud recording that can be viewed later.

4K Hidden DVR Cameras

If you are looking for the highest quality audio and video recording through your hidden cameras, look out for 4K hidden DVR cameras. These are the best in terms of video and audio quality.

You store high-definition audio and video on a removable memory card and you can view it later on PC or mobile for future evidence.

There is no limit to where you can have hidden cameras these days. Any object can act as a spy object for a hidden camera.

They are very small cameras hidden in different objects like a keychain, in plants, spectacles, pens, and such other objects. Depending on the type of hidden camera you have, these can be hidden smartly anywhere.

2How Do They Work?

Small hidden cameras for your house can be wired or wireless. A wireless hidden camera is much more convenient. A wireless hidden camera sends the remote signal to the receiver, provided the receiver is situated at a specific radius. The receiver can choose to view the video as and when received or store it for future surveillance.

Hidden cameras have internal memory fitted with a removable SD card inside.

3The Battery Life Of Spy Cameras

Many hidden cameras are battery-operated and their battery life varies accordingly. Some of them provide a few hours of recording battery life, while others may last up to 12 hours.

The battery life also depends on the frequency of recording video. Hidden cameras with motion detectors record when they are triggered and can provide up to 8 to 10 hours of continuous recording. Without triggered activation, their battery life can last even up to 10 days to months.

4Where Are Secret Cameras Placed?

Hidden cameras are placed almost anywhere. You never know where in your home a hidden camera would be placed. Some of the home accessories where you can find the best-hidden cameras for your bedroom and elsewhere, include:


Keychains are the most common, and smartly placed hidden cameras. A key that is always hung on a key holder and keep a good watch on all your activities. Such hidden cameras are in the form of dice or any other catching object.


You may also have a camera hidden in a table clock or wall clock. Mini cameras fit in objects that can have internal memory or DVR to transfer the recording elsewhere in no time.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are strategically placed and act as a great device for hidden cameras. Additionally, these out-of-reach objects are placed above the wall providing a 360-degree view angle for recording.

Books & Notebooks

Secret cameras in books and journals are another smart way to record the activities of an individual. A usual-looking book kept on a bookshelf is capable of recording someone’s activities very well.

Photo Frames

Out before the eyes of the people, still a hidden camera on a photo frame conceals itself well. This is yet another impressive place to fit your hidden camera in or buy a photo frame spy camera.

Light Bulb

Again, a strategically placed hidden camera in a light bulb is perfect for recording days of activities, the number of people coming in and going out, and much more.

5Purpose Of Using Hidden Cameras

The purpose of using small hidden cameras for your house is for surveillance. The various purposes served through surveillance are to:

  • Keep an eye on the nanny while babysitting
  • Catch intruders and thieves from entering the property
  • Catch your cheating spouse
  • Look after and monitor elderly and teenage kids
  • Use it as a defense mechanism


Each country has its own rules when it comes to using hidden surveillance cameras with audio for various purposes. In most places, nanny cams are permissible to use but only for video recording and not an audio recording.

The United Kingdom has various legal laws on how hidden cameras are used. They are only to be used legally without violating the laws of the Data Protection Act and Human Rights. Moreover, these are prohibited in private places like public washrooms, locker rooms, changing rooms, and alike.

So, if you begin to use hidden cameras, you should be aware of the laws in your respective state/country.