UPDATED February 10, 2022 This piece has been updated to reflect the emergence of new technology

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Christian Mathews Security Writer

Have you shifted to a new apartment in a new place? Are you unsure of the locality and the type of people living there? Take your apartment and your safety in your hands as burglary and theft is on a steady rise. Find the best door security devices for apartments.

Since burglars have become smarter these days and know all the tactics to bypass the security, your apartment door needs the smartest protection than ever.

Here are some smartest door security devices for apartments that won’t let your security cover go down and let thieves raid your place. These require minimum installation, so even if you live in a rented apartment, you can easily make these replacements. They will make up part of the best security for you apartment.

1Security Door Jammers

If your apartment stays vacant too often for long periods, installing security door jammers can prevent forced entry into your apartment from your front door.

Door jammers are installed on the inner side of the door that stops the door from being opened when kicked by force. These are either installed at the bottom or top of the door. When installed in the bottom, they are installed in the space between the floor and door bottom.

You will find a variety of door jammers in the market these days. There are door lock brace door jammers, floor door jammers, smart door jammers, door jammers with alarms, and elongated door jammers like a vertical security bar. So, make sure to explore all the door jammer options for your door type before getting one installed.

2Secondary Door Locks

The best way to protect your existing door locks is by getting a reinforced or secondary door lock installed over it.

A reinforcement lock can either be installed directly above the fixed deadbolt locks or placed at the side of the lock on the door frame such that it covers the door lock and can’t be easily picked by thieves.

There is also a reinforcement lock that is installed into the door frame inside your apartment. These locks prevent the door from opening in full even when the door is unlocked. It includes a latch that gets activated. These locks are best for receiving parcels or opening doors to strangers. This prevents any forceful entry as the latch will be put in place immediately.

3Floor Door Lock

The floor door lock is another example of door security devices for apartments. Floor door locks or floor door barricades are installed at the bottom back of the door. They are installed with bolts such that one part of it is bolted to the door while the other end needs bolting it to the floor.

These are used for outward swinging doors such that the locks follow a track to be clicked in place. It includes aluminum plates that have to be screwed to the floor and door through drilling.

These locks may be difficult to install in an already constructed apartment; however, they pose to be stronger than other deadbolt locks and barricades.

4Peephole Camera For Apartment

Peephole cameras, door viewers, or spyholes are installed in the middle of the door that let apartment owners see the outside of the door area through the hole.

These are fitted with a wide-angle lens that enables you to view who is at the door without enabling the stranger to look into your house through the hole.

Peephole cameras are also popular. They let you see the video recording of who is outside the door on your mobile or tablet.

5Apartment Security Door Bar

Security door bars are used by apartment owners to prevent the forced entry of strangers. These are installed in the middle of the door from over the door frames and doorknobs to the other end of the door. This is done to prevent someone from opening it forcibly.

These security bars are fit for inward swinging doors and make use of a pin if the bar has to be deactivated. These are also preferably used for sliding doors and windows to add additional security to them. Horizontal security bars are either pressure mounted or hardware mounted and can even be constructed according to the door’s width.

The vertical security bars or jammers are different than these as they are fitted to the doorknob and the floor such that when the force is applied from the outside, the security bars prevent the door from opening.

6Deadbolt For Apartment Door

Deadbolt security locks have to be at the forefront of all the security measures. These act as a primary security device that should be looked for first.

A deadbolt includes a key hold lock and a metal arm inserted into the door’s frame to lock the door in place. The circular body is used to lock and unlock it by moving it clockwise and anticlockwise. Alternatively, you can also use a key to lock and unlock it.

Once locked, it can only be opened with the help of a key from outside the door. Nowadays, deadbolt locks with keys are replaced with deadbolt locks with punching codes. These involve entering a lock code over the keypad or using an e-card to open it.

While you need to have a key to unlock the door in case of the deadbolt with keyhole, you always have to remember your passcode to unlock your door with a deadbolt and passcode.

You can also find single-sided deadbolts now with no keyhole or keypad either and uses a thumb turn to unlock it. Besides, there are other types of deadbolts in the market too. Ensure you have the best lock for your front door.

7Apartment Door Barricades

Besides the floor barricades, you can also have mid-mount barricades as door security devices for apartments. These are mounted above your deadbolt locks as a secondary security device accessible from inside the door.

There are also door closer barricades that stop the door from opening even by force once it is deactivated. This door security device is best for the outward swinging door and can easily be installed over swinging top door-closers in seconds.

However, these should only be installed when you are inside the apartment, and you feel like someone is forcibly entering your house.