UPDATED December 11, 2021 This piece has been updated to reflect the emergence of new technology

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Christian Mathews Security Writer

Your safety is non-negotiable and should never be compromised and your apartment should be the place where you feel safest. When looking for an apartment, whether to own or to rent, the level of security it has should be at the top of your list. That’s why you should be considering the best security for apartments.

Having an apartment that’s well within your budget or has plenty of amenities can be nullified if security and safety are an issue.

With that said, here is an in-depth guide to the best apartment security measures. Additionally, we’ll include things like:

  • Door locks
  • Door jams
  • Security gates

… and more. Check them all out below.

1Why do you need apartment security measures?

When it comes to moving to a new place apartment safety is the primary concern of both owners and renters alike. However, if you live in or are moving to an apartment, chances are, your new place has limited security options.

Securing your apartment should be a priority because you never know when something unexpected might happen.

2Top 6 Best Security for Apartments

In this section, we’ll be discussing some of the most common and best ways to secure your apartment. Additionally, we will cover ways to increase your apartment safety precautions.

This will also detail how these various apartment safety measures can help guard you against the various threats. With that said, here are the top 6 best security for apartments.

Door Locks

Door locks are the simplest and easiest way to secure your apartment. Chances are, your front door already has some type of lock on it such as a locking doorknob and a deadbolt.

If you want to increase your security and make sure that getting past your front door is virtually impossible for thieves and other criminals. Adding smart locks to your front door can be helpful.

Changing your current locks is also an option. If you want to add more, consider using a chain lock or swing locks for your front door. You can also add electric door locks for your home to add another layer of security to the typical locked door.

After all, your front door is the first line of defense against those who want to enter your apartment unauthorized.

Door Jams

Some criminals are less subtle in their approach and some may want to force their way in. Door jams or door jammers as they are more commonly known, are a security measure you can use to prevent this from happening.

With a door jam, unauthorized persons will have a much harder time kicking your door in. Although it’s compact and most weigh just under 10 lbs, they are capable of handling intense force comparable to that of a truckload.

Security Gates

Security gates are another low-cost alternative for enhancing the security of your apartment. If you are a renter, check with your landlord if they are willing to install one.

If it’s allowed in your building it is a great way to deter criminals from entering your apartment.


A great way you can keep your things secured inside your apartment is by investing in a small fireproof gun safe. Just because someone can enter your apartment doesn’t mean they should be able to take all your important and valuable items.

Investing in a safe that preferably can blend in with the rest of the apartment is a great way to secure smaller but highly valuable items. This is not just a great deterrent for thieves but also highly curious roommates or guests.

Window Alarm Kits

Window alarm kits are another one of the best security for apartments that you can have installed. Most models offer a high level of accuracy, therefore, limiting the cases of false alarms.

A window alarm kit works by using a sensor to detect whenever a window has been opened. It sounds like an alarm that alerts you to any breach of security.

Security Cameras

When it comes to solving and proving crimes, having visual proof goes a long way. Aside from helping you identify the perpetrators in case there was a crime, studies have also shown that the mere presence of a camera can help deter crime.

If you were a criminal, would you continue committing the crime you’re about to do, knowing that someone is watching and can easily identify you? Use only the best alarm system for your apartment.

3Other Safety Precautions for Apartments

Aside from installing the aforementioned security measures, you can consider alternative door security devices for apartments. We’ve also listed some other safety precautions you can take to ensure the safety and security of your home.

Cover your apartment windows.

Covering your apartment’s windows with a thick curtain or blind is a security measure that can help prevent criminals from taking an interest in your place. Most of them tend to “shop around,” checking out the areas were breaking in and entering can be easy.

If you want to stop them from noticing your apartment, covering them up with curtains or blinds, especially at night or when you’re at home, can help keep your place safer.

Get to know your neighbors.

Getting to know your neighbors doesn’t have to mean inviting them over for dinner. It can be as simple as introducing yourself to them so they’re aware of who you are and where you live. By doing so they can help report any crime occurring at your place if they spot it. Think of them as a kind of sentient security system.

They can also warn you in case they see anything suspicious around the area. This will help you become more alert and wary of your surroundings.

If you’re renting, get renter’s insurance.

There’s no saying what can happen in the future, even if you put up extensive security features. While it’s less likely to happen, there’s still a chance that it might happen. Getting some renter’s insurance if you’re renting can help offset some of the losses you might experience in case of a burglary or theft.

4Final Thoughts

Apartments can be a great place to live in, especially in the city where houses are less common. However, safety and security are real concerns that many apartment owners and renters have. That is why you must take extensive measures to secure your apartment. Knowing which home security system is the best will get you one step closer to feeling safe and secure.

The ones mentioned above are just some of the best security for apartments. You can implement them to enhance the security of your place. Home is where you should feel safest and being safe and secure at home is something that everyone deserves.