UPDATED February 10, 2022 This piece has been updated to reflect the emergence of new technology

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Christian Mathews Security Writer

You can never go wrong with investing in home security systems. You can monitor possible theft or break-ins to check up on your pets or children while you are out, a home security camera can guarantee you peace of mind. Knowing what security cameras are best for your home is a valid concern.

It can be daunting to buy a home security camera with the available options in the current market. We have collated a mega list of features that you should consider before investing in a home security camera.

There are two main types of home security cameras: indoor and outdoor cameras. Therefore, it is important to know the difference between the two to make your choice accordingly. Wireless security cameras with monitors are great for people who want to monitor their home activities, be it their pets, children, or people who need constant care. Outdoor cameras are useful for keeping watch and scare away any unwelcome elements.

1Features To Consider

The best security camera is a worthy investment. We’ve complied a comprehensive list of features you should look into before investing in the perfect security camera for your home.


This depends on your budget and your flexibility with spending. You can either get a DIY cheap home camera or splurge on a high-tech home security system that requires professional assistance to set up. Installation costs can vary based on the kind of camera you buy.

Wireless (Battery Life) Vs. Wired Cameras

There are two types of cameras available on the market, wired and battery operated. You can opt for wired cameras if you have a convenient plug point close to the desired location of the camera. Wired cameras are powered by a cable connection or an ethernet connection, through which they receive constant power and send their footage. This is a better indoor home camera system for people with large properties.

Or you can go for a battery-operated, wireless camera, provided you remember to change up the batteries timely. They use Wi-Fi to store their data. It is a viable option for people who rent or move houses often.


The resolution determines the quality of the pictures and footage captured by your home security camera. The quality of this feature is dependent on the price you are willing to pay for your home security camera.

Expensive security cameras are likely to have clearer a image quality compared to affordable options. It is better to opt for cameras with 1080p resolution, to capture high-resolution footage and pictures.

Pan And Tilt

Pan and tilt refer to the moving functionality of the camera. This determines whether a home camera is static or if it can be remote-controlled to pan, tilt, and zoom in on what it is recording.

It is best to buy cameras with this functionality to record all the angles possible with the camera and ensure maximum security coverage.

Field Of View

Field of view refers to the angle at which the camera captures video and pictures. Most security cameras come with a wide-angle view, ranging between 60 and 110 degrees.

Modern security cameras are increasingly equipped with a range wider than 110 degrees, making their visibility better. A wider field of view means that your camera will capture a wide range of activities and areas.

Facial Recognition

Many modern security cameras come with this particular feature. With advanced security cameras, you can save the faces of your family and regular friends as profiles on the security camera software. This will allow the camera to detect their facial features and determine whether to give them access to your home or not.

Motion Detection

Security cameras with advanced signal processing have features that enable them to detect any moving object in front of them. Motion detection software can be quite useful in security cameras. It can be used to determine if something is moving suspiciously and capture the activity happening. It also helps you save space on data storage by recording only when there is any significant activity happening.

Night Vision

This is a very important feature for any security camera. With night vision, your security camera is able to capture clear videos and pictures during the night time. This is crucial as a lot of crimes happen at night.

For the clearest and brightest footage, consider investing in cameras with infrared technology. Infrared allows the camera to capture better quality video during the night time. Many advanced cameras come with features and software that determine when to use the night mode, depending on the light available. It enables and disables the IR technology automatically.

Two-Way Audio

Having two-way audio functionality enables you to speak to people outside without opening the door or compromising on your security. Normally, you find this feature in doorbells, but now manufacturers are building this into home security cameras too.

Smart Home Compatibility

If you have a smart home or smart security system in place, you can consider investing in a home security camera that will be compatible with your existing system. Smart security cameras are generally loaded with modern features and technology. They can be connected to the home security system via your Wi-Fi.

Type Of Video Storage

The main function of the home security camera is to record pictures and footage at your desired location. This footage can either be stored and transferred via data drives or sent over wirelessly through the Wi-Fi. These days, most data are stored securely on cloud-based storage facilities.

Smartphone Mobile App Access (Remote Viewing)

Security cameras compatible with smart home systems will have this feature. It allows you to connect your camera to an app on your smartphone, through which you can view what the camera is recording on your phone. This is quite convenient if you are using indoor cameras to monitor your pets, children, or anyone needing care.

With this handy guide, you can now buy the best security camera to add to your home alarm system with cameras