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Christian Mathews Security Writer

Whether a dog parent or not, the fear of getting attacked by a dog is real. Though dogs are the most loving and friendly beings on the earth, let’s admit that some dog breeds are more aggressive than others. Thankfully, there are various dog attack protection devices that can protect you from dog attacks. Some of these devices are legit, while others could be too unfair to use for a controllable situation. 

The best way to prevent a dog attack is by taking precautions. No dog breed harms you until they suspect getting harmed by you in the first place. You can be extra courageous, even when you are scared to death. Let’s see how.

Precautions To Prevent Dog Attacks

You need to act smartly to prevent a dog attack. You may not be hurting them, but the dog’s proactive nature can react to your fast actions. Here are how to act before a dog to prevent their attack:

  • Never look straight in the eyes of the dog as that provokes them. 
  • When a dog barks at you, don’t run away from him as this will make him more aggressive and run after you. Once the chase is started, it would be impossible to end it in a safe note. Always hold your fear inside and stay calm before the dog in such situations. 
  • If a pet or even a stray dog starts sniffing you, let them be and stay calm. Also, don’t try to be friendly with him in the absence of a dog owner. 
  • The best way to approach any dog is by standing still. Breathe normally, and stay calm. All he needs to ensure is that you are no danger. He will probably sniff you and walk away.
  • If you trouble a dog who is eating or sleeping, you will be calling trouble for yourself. Also, stay at an arm’s distance from a dog’s mother feeding a puppy. 
  • In worst-case scenarios, if you are threatened or attacked by a dog, you still need to stay calm. If you are knocked down, roll into a ball and lie still. 

If nothing mentioned here feels like working right, your last resort should be using a dog attack prevention device. There are various types of prevention devices in the market used to control a scary situation with a stray dog.

Types of Dog Attack Protection Devices

Audible Sound Devices

The best, safest and least harmless dog attack protection devices are audible sound devices to deter them. Such audible sound devices include dog horns. 

Most audible sound devices are handheld and produce loud sounds. All you need to do is press a button, and the sharp noise will deter dogs from far off distance. While choosing an audible sound device, it is recommended to check their battery life. You won’t want something that runs out of battery when in need.

We will recommend using audible deterrent devices to prevent yourself from aggressive and chasing dogs. 

Ultrasonic Sound Devices

Ultrasonic sound dog deterrent devices make use of high-frequency sound waves. Although these sound waves are outside the hearing range of humans, dogs can hear the high-frequency soundwaves. These sound waves make dogs uncomfortable.

These devices send sound waves up to 20 to 25 feet away. Such devices work best for joggers and bicyclists as it comes with a belt that can be wrapped around your fingers or waist. 

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Another most commonly used dog deterrent prevention device is dog deterrent spray. These are totally harmless and free from any dangerous chemicals. In no way, these cause harm to animals when sprayed. There are various sorts of sprays used, the best of these include:

  • Motion-activated sprinklers

This is the most harmless device to keep stray animals and any intruders away from your property. This is a motion detection device with a day and night detection feature. This device sprays water with its intelligent sensing technology when it detects human motion.

  •  Animals pet corrector

This product is used for pet dogs to stop them from barking. This device produces a hissing sound that interrupts their barking and helps you to train your dog better. It discourages dogs from excessive barking, stealing, jumping, and chasing. 

  • Bitter sprays

Such sprays discourage dogs from biting, chewing, or barking. These are absolutely safe to use and can also be used for pet dogs to prevent them from chewing the home furniture. 

Many ask how effective is bear spray as a dog deterrent. While there may be properties that could deter dogs, we’d recommend sticking to sprays designed specifically for dogs.

Light Prevention Devices

The dog attack light prevention devices are actually the ultrasonic devices with LED flashlight. These devices help the person stay safe from dogs, even in the dark. You can find various LED ultrasonic dog deterrent devices on Amazon. 

Electronic dog repellent devices are mostly handheld and are safest to carry during the night when you suspect the presence of dogs.

Dog repellent sprays should be best used when the danger is too close to you, whereas ultrasonic and audible sound devices are used to prevent a harmful situation from arising. It’s a provocative measure to follow well in advance. 

What To Do If You Don’t Have Any Dog Protection Devices?

If you don’t have any dog attack protection devices with you, we will recommend you play it smart. Do not attract dogs and stay calm. You may also take the help of a large stick or a dog whistle. Blowing the whistle will most likely keep the dog away from you. Even if that’s not the case, keep yourself composed and do not run. The dog will most likely sniff you and go away.

Let’s admit, dogs are one of the best friends that a human can have. More often than not, they won’t harm you unless they sense any danger.