UPDATED February 10, 2022 This piece has been updated to reflect the emergence of new technology

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Christian Mathews Security Writer

Wireless doorbells are so convenient, flexible and versatile, especially if you live in rented apartments or remodel your homes way too often. They are easier to install and do not require wiring of any kind. If you are new to the entire concept of doorbell systems for home, this article is for you. also termed as the smart doorbell system, video doorbell system or the wireless doorbell system,

1Ease Of Installation

Thinking it would be a great hassle to switch from a wired doorbell system to a wireless one? It is nothing like so. Your wireless or smart doorbell system is easy to install. All it requires is to be stuck to the wall. That is done with the help of double side tape or screwed to the wall for extra protection.

You can place your bell in whatever direction you feel like. If the one you are buying doesn’t have such flexibility, reconsider your choice. For a detailed guide about where to install a Ring doorbell. Other brands have slightly different installation requirements.

2Theft Protection

Wondering how a doorbell system can help in theft protection? Some of the smart and video doorbell systems come with cloud storage features that help in theft prevention.

The cloud storage keeps the video recording for a specific period of time that you can view later and act as evidence in a burglary or vandalizing case.

Other features described below also form part of the smart doorbell system that can prevent theft in the first place.

3Motion Detection

Video or smart doorbell systems also support motion detection. They work by notifying you when someone passes, leaves, or approaches your door.

If you live near a busy road, a motion detection feature can turn out to be rather troublesome. Instead, look out for an advanced motion detection feature. This feature lets you set certain zones around which you want the motion to be detected. This restricts the false alarms significantly.

Also, this is another feature that helps in theft protection if you can connect the dots.

4Night Vision

Most smart doorbell systems come equipped with night vision. A night vision is more important to provide extra security to your house. Even on foggy and cold nights, your doorbell camera can provide a view of who is approaching your door, so you don’t have to open the door to know who it is.

Thus, providing you with extra security and relief even in such horrid circumstances.


A wired doorbell is much more consistent as it connects with hard wiring. However, this is complicated if you don’t have a wired doorbell connection at all. You will have to call a technician to install a wired doorbell. But that’s worth it for the camera quality a wired doorbell system provides.

If you don’t have an existing doorbell system at all, preferring a wireless doorbell system won’t be a bad idea. These are powdered by batteries, require no wiring and can be moved from one place to another if not bolted to the wall.

6Battery Life

The wireless doorbells are battery powdered. Some of them come with rechargeable batteries with a chargeable plug within them. On the other hand, the others come with a replaceable battery and need to be replaced depending on the usage.

7Smart Home/ Smartphone Integration

Doorbell systems for home, can be wired or wireless, but are smart. They easily integrate with your smart home accessories like Amazon Echo, Google Home Assistant, Apple Home Kit, smart home security system or smartphone. With smart home integration, you can communicate with voice assistants and your doorbell system, effectively asking for new updates. This is all done via the router in your home. So ensure you have the best router for your smart home.

The app support of the video doorbell helps with the smartphone integration. However, make sure the app support is excellent and isn’t just some shady app that works slow. Smartphone integration provides you with motion alerts, notifications when someone is at the door and even lets you know who it is. 

8Weather Resistance

Your doorbell is exposed to tough climatic conditions as it is placed outside your door. A traditional doorbell system doesn’t require to be that weather-resistant as the smart ones with sophisticated machinery.

As smart doorbells include video cameras, they must be weather resistant and provide you with clear video recording no matter what. The camera and the hardware of your smart doorbell system should be able to resist the harsh climatic conditions.

9Video Vs. No Video

If you want to enjoy hi-tech features like night vision, motion detection and cloud storage, a video doorbell system is highly recommended. Without a video recording option or camera, a smart camera doorbell system is no longer smarter and limits exclusive options.

Moreover, you may also be missing on live video recording options.

A no video doorbell system will only have the audio feature and fit for just receiving notifications and alerts when someone is visiting your home.

10Two-Way Audio

The two-way audio doorbell systems for home work more like an intercom with a video feature. This feature lets you talk with the person outside the door with the help of your video doorbell system app. The app notifies you of the motion detection. You can then choose to chat with the person directly without actually opening the door.

Some of these systems also come with a siren feature that starts buzzing in your direction when you suspect an intruder or possible danger. Another feature is a pre-recorded message that you can choose to play for certain intruders to keep them away from your property.